Pfizer applies for emergency use authority in Philippines

Pfizer has officially applied for the required authority to supply and market a COVID-19 vaccine in the Philippines.

During an emergency meeting of the President and several Cabinet members, the Department of Health confirmed Pfizer filed for emergency use authority at the Food and Drug Administration on December 23.

The DOH said, “It will take 21 days to evaluate and approve the EUA, but vaccination would start as soon as stocks become available.”

FDA director general Eric Domingo said it would not be difficult for Pfizer to obtain the EUA for its vaccine. Domingo added, “(If it has already come from) stringent regulatory authority like the US FDA and UK, there would be minimal requirement.”

Among the additional requirements to be given by Pfizer are information showing efficacy and safety of the vaccine to the Asian population and assurance the product registered with the country of origin is the same vaccine to be supplied to the receiving country.

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