The Year of Mars

Twenty twenty has been called the “Year of Mars.” On July 23, the Tianwen-1, which performed China’s first independent Mars exploration mission, was successfully launched, marking the first step in the country’s autonomous planetary exploration. In July, the United Arab Emirates and the United States also launched Mars probes one after the other.

In the early morning of December 17, China’s Chang’e-5 returner carried 1,731 grams of lunar samples back down to Earth, marking the perfect conclusion of the three-step plan of the lunar exploration project “orbiting, landing, and returning,” laying a solid foundation for the world’s future lunar and planetary exploration.

China has made great achievements in scientific and technological areas, including manned space flight, moon exploration, supercomputer, and quantum communication.

Earlier in the year, on May 5, China launched its newly-developed heavy-lift rocket the Long March 5B.

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