Cardema Ineligible to Sit As Duterte Youth Representative

The Commission on Elections has affirmed an earlier ruling that found Duterte Youth chairman Ronald Cardema ineligible to sit as a youth representative in the House of Representatives—ending his months-long pursuit for a seat in Congress.

The Comelec en banc affirmed the August 2019 ruling of the Comelec First Division that canceled the nomination of Cardema, who is not a youth, for the youth party.

The en banc also said it accepted Cardema’s motion to withdraw his motion for reconsideration which sought the reversal of his cancellation as the first nominee of the Duterte Youth.

The en banc noted the Party-List Law sets a maximum age of 30 years on the day of the election for youth representatives. Cardema was 34 years old when the May 2019 polls were conducted.

“It is clear as day that Respondent is overage and ineligible,” the Comelec resolution said.

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