From roadside eatery to big city darling: How one Taiwanese turkey rice vendor made it big

For four decades, Liao Shou-fang has been hawkishly presiding over his turkey rice eatery — Rou Bo — to ensure every dish is served exactly the same way.

And then along came CNN Travel, and everything changed. In a good way.

That was five years ago. Today, what was once a roadside stall in the southern city of Tainan is now a burgeoning empire, whose growing fame on the Taiwan food scene owes far more to its delicious specialty than it does its brush with international fame. Liao said the secret is keeping a consistent menu and not compromising on the food.

Every morning, whole turkeys are poached in an aromatic broth of ginger and scallions for hours, then brought out to cool at room temperature.

The meat is shredded and layered over rice, and the fat is rendered and combined with turkey jus and shallot oil to make a minimalistic, yet effective, dressing. Their third location is a stall at the food court in Taipei 101 — the tallest building on the island.

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