Pandemic files: Carpool for stranded cancer patients

Based on a survey of 92 cancer specialists from the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, 85% said they observed a decrease in the number of patients they saw every day.

Over 90% said their patients hesitated to visit the hospital during the pandemic. These findings were shared in a June 27 webinar by cancer advocacy campaign Hope From Within.

Cancer patients identified limited mobility and worries of contracting COVID-19 as hurdles during the COVID-19 crisis. In response to this, Cancer Coalition Philippines, a group of cancer patient organizations, initiated Mag-C-Kilos in March, a free carpool initiative for indigent cancer patients.

Giselle Arroyo, a volunteer from breast cancer advocacy group ICanServe Foundation who managed the carpool from April to May, said, β€œIt was borne out of the need for patients to get their treatment.”

Mag-C-Kilos helped 157 cancer patients from March until it paused operations in August due to lack of funding.

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