Study: Dirty Air Kills 27k a Year in the PH

Air pollution from burning fossil fuels — primarily coal, gas and oil — is responsible for an estimated 27,000 premature deaths in the Philippines annually, and results in up to 300 billion pesos in economic losses per year, according to a new study released on Wednesday.

Published by Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air, the study found burning fossil fuels led to approximately 4.5 million premature deaths around the world every year, with toxic pollutants causing the rise in acute and chronic diseases.

Greenpeace Philippines said the study further underscored the urgency of shifting away from fossil fuels and transitioning toward renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.

“The government needs to recognize that air pollution is a problem. Right now, it remains as the least concern of the government,” said Khevin Yu, the group’s energy transition campaigner.

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