How India is preparing to inject 300 million with COVID-19 vaccines

India has 239,000 vaccinators under its Universal Immunization Program, but fewer than 65% will be deployed to administer coronavirus vaccines, to avoid disrupting the annual vaccinations of 55 million children and pregnant women.

The central government is collaborating with states to arrange additional vaccinators.

According to government guidelines, up to 200 people will be vaccinated per venue per day and monitored for half an hour after receiving the shots to examine any adverse effects.

A digital platform, the COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network or Co-WIN system, will be rolled out to track participants and the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines.

The government is also ramping up its stocks of the current 80,000 cold chain storage equipment such as walk-in coolers, deep freezers, and ice-lined refrigerators, which can store enough vaccines for the first 30 million frontline workers.

Manufacturers are also racing to increase syringe supplies.

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