What it tasted like: McDonald’s China offers burger featuring Spam and crushed Oreos

McDonald’s China released a voucher for its members to purchase one of 400,000 Spam/Oreo burgers for two dollars. It also invited netizens to leave their reviews, which were quite mixed.

One member said, “Oreos and luncheon meat are surprisingly delicious [together]. I thought the sweetness and the savory wouldn’t match but it was unexpectedly harmonious and tasty.”

Another user found it good, but too small: “As someone from Shandong, I am quite fond of this level of saltiness. If you disregard the price tag and its miniature size, I’d give it 80 points (out of 100).”

Chinese social media posters weren’t shy with their criticisms as well.

Another reviewer said it was outright unpleasant: “It was sour and sweet and savory. I could taste the flavors of carsickness.”

A few users also pointed out it could quite possibly be the “easiest McDonald’s burger to DIY at home” — great news for those of you who feel like you’ve missed out on a rare culinary treat.

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