Emily Blunt Opens Up About Childhood Stutter Battle

Emily Blunt shared she grew up with a speech impediment which prevented her from reading poems aloud or even saying her name as a kid. The actress said her stutter “started to take hold around six or seven,” then got progressively worse as she got older.

It was acting in grade school that helped her even out her stutter and discover her voice. “And that was very liberating for me as a kid. Suddenly, I had fluency,” she said.

Blunt is now very involved with the American Institute for Stuttering, and says she wants to help explain why stuttering happens.

“Stutterers don’t feel understood. It’s not psychological. It’s not that you’re nervous, it’s not that you’re insecure, it’s not that you can’t read, it’s not that you don’t know what you want to say. It’s neurological, it’s genetic, it’s biological. It’s not your fault,” she says.

She also wants to educate people to prevent bullying over the way some people speak.

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