‘Zoom face’ and the rise of Botox

When cosmetic clinics reopened in summer, surgeons reported higher demand for Botox, fillers and other plastic surgery procedures.

Google data showed the volume of searches for cosmetic procedures was higher in June and July than in the months before the pandemic.

Interest in cosmetic procedures may have boomed due to more downtime to recover at home, masks to hide the immediate signs of treatments and, of course, Zoom.

Forced to move our professional and personal lives onto the video platform, many became more aware — and sometimes insecure — about our appearances.

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, star of Netflix’s “Skin Decision,” said when her Beverly Hills clinic reopened after lockdown “lots of people came to get lower face work … because, with Zoom, the camera points up from below.”

The “Zoom effect” (or “Zoom boom”) saw growing demand for neck liposuctions, lower facial tightening facelifts as well as tummy tucks and breast lifts.

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