The Italian towns perfect for social distancing: Monteleone di Orvieto, Umbria

Covid-19 has at least one positive effect on Italy’s struggling tourism industry. As social distancing becomes the norm across much of the world, Italy’s under-the-radar destinations are receiving a huge boost.

Located close to Rome in the region of Umbria, Monteleone di Orvieto offers one of the most stunning panoramas of central Italy.

Surrounded by wild forests and streams, the tiny hilltop village is nicknamed “the red island rising from a green sea” thanks to the distinctive bright red artisan bricks found on many of its buildings.

The village was originally born from a lookout castle built to protect the nearby Orvieto town from attack back in the days when Italy was divided into bickering communes.

With a landscape dotted with olive groves, fruit orchards and cereal plantations, as well as an ancient belvedere with panoramic view of the region, the quaint village is undoubtedly one of the prettiest under the radar spots in the country.

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