Arrival of 79 passengers from UK

From December 22 to 25, 79 passengers from the UK arrived in the country, with two flying back to UK, according to Health Secretary Francisco Duque.

They were all tested for COVID-19. Fifty-three passengers tested negative for the virus and one tested positive. The DOH was still waiting for the test results of 23 others.

Duque added, “But the test result of the infected passenger does not mean that this was caused by the new variant. Our experts from the Philippine Genome Center will still do thorough studies on this.”

Citing reports from the World Health Organization, he noted that from August 28 to December 23, a total of 12 countries from the Western Pacific Region recorded imported cases from the UK. Of this, four countries detected cases of the COVID-19 variant, namely: Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Duque underscored there are “imported cases” of COVID-19 in the country whose origin could not be determined.

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