In death, Pinay in New York hailed for heroic deed after donating 7 organs

Even in death, Joy Pascua showed her generosity by ensuring that others get the chance to live, donating seven of her organs.

Her sister Cristine Pascua Perez said, “Up to the last moment, Joy really made us proud and happy that she was able to give lives…to a few more people.”

Perez said her sister, 44, died on December 12 in New York, two days after she suffered what doctors said was a catastrophic massive brain aneurysm.

She added that prior to her sister’s death, Pascua told her daughter and partner that she would like to donate her organs. Perez said that her sister was able to donate one of her lungs, both of her kidneys, her pancreas, liver, her tonsils, cornea, skin tissue and bone marrow.

Perez shared, “My sister was a very generous person. She lived in New York for the last 20 years, but her work was fully towards…helping people. She worked with the churches…[in] service for others, [a] woman of action. [I am a] super proud sister.”

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