The technology we barely touched in 2020: Kayak app and noise-canceling headphones

If apps could get cobwebs, the Kayak app on your phone would look like a haunted house.

In normal times, we would check the Kayak app every couple of weeks to see what kind of deals we could get for getting out of town. This year, not so much. The pandemic has kept us in one place, so our travel apps have been as useful to us this year as a VCR player.

The ironic thing is that if there was ever a year where we wish we could have used Kayak everyday, it’d be 2020.

For many, our noise-canceling headphones are still sitting on our desks, where they’ve been for roughly nine months.

There are two primary uses for them: drowning out coworkers when we need to concentrate and reducing ambient noise when we’re flying. So, they’ve essentially been useless in 2020.

We still use our wireless earbuds, but not for commutes since we’re working from home. Instead, they’re mostly for making work calls when we get sick of messaging apps and emails.

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