Social distancing poses a challenge in terminals during holiday ‘exodus’

Enforcing social distancing proved to be a challenge to some bus terminal managements as droves of province-bound passengers turned up for their trips for the Christmas season.

Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange spokesperson Jason Salvador said that almost 75,000 trooped to the terminal on December 23.

He added, “In the last two weeks, it was really a big challenge to maintain social distancing so we added personnel to go around the terminal.”

Salvador said that for everyone’s safety, “COVID-19 ambassadors” were designated in the area to monitor enforcement of minimum health standards.

Some passengers already lined up outside the terminal early morning on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, in Cubao terminals, many passengers arrived on December 23 to wait for available trips on the next morning.

Long lines formed at the terminal early morning. Passenger boarding took time due to health protocols that need to be accomplished.

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