Artist turns viral images into fine art

Gina Beavers got an iPhone back in 2010. Instead of observing the world around her as artists had for centuries, she began doing what everybody else was: looking at her phone. What she found delighted her.

Beavers started noticing a lot of food photography in her social media feed, and was particularly intrigued by a friend’s post of some short ribs he was making. She appreciated how abstracted the brown rib forms appeared against a blue cloth and set about painting them.

Instead of maintaining the flatness of the original image, Beavers made the forms and textures pop off the canvas.

She began following the hashtag #foodporn and painted any image that struck her as interesting, from a pile of chicken and waffles on a platter to an oozing blueberry pie in an aluminum foil pan.

Falling somewhere between a painting and a sculpture, Beavers’ relief works appear simultaneously hyperrealistic and charmingly, gloppily handcrafted.

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