Bonding in captivity with a child during travel quarantine

Australian Julie Earle-Levine and her son had different approaches to staying busy during quarantine upon arrival down under. Jack adapted his usual activities — kicking a tennis ball around their hotel room instead of playing soccer, and watching chess games on Twitch instead of playing against friends.

Unlike the younger kids in quarantine, he was able to entertain himself, freeing up his mom to take care of her own schedule.

Earle-Levine, in return, threw herself into work. A PR professional with many clients based in Australia, she took advantage of being in the time zone and said yes to every meeting, catchup and phone call she could. Staying occupied helped to pass the time, but it also meant she didn’t have the ability to wallow in her grief.

Quarantine also provided an unusual bonding experience.

She said of a typical day in lockdown, “I just stacked meetings and worked hard every day and then at night we just watched TV and really relaxed together.”

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