Philippines bans entry of poultry products from Poland

The Department of Agriculture temporarily banned the entry of domestic and wild birds and their products from Poland due to an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 in the European country.

In a Memorandum Order signed by Agriculture Secretary William Dar on December 21, the DA ordered the temporary banning of importation of domestic and wild birds and their products such as poultry meat, day old chicks, eggs, and semen.

DA’s memo cited Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s report to the World Organization for Animal Health on December 3 that there was an outbreak of H5N8 on December 1 affecting birds as confirmed by its National Veterinary Research Institute.

The DA said, “There is a need to prevent the entry of [the virus] to protect the health of the local poultry population. All shipments will be subject to veterinary quarantine rules and regulations.”

The order shall take effect immediately.

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