UN Libya Ceasefire

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday adopted a resolution calling for a “lasting ceasefire” in war-torn Libya, where a fragile truce has been in place since January.

The text, drafted by Britain, was approved by 14 votes out of 15. Russia abstained. 

The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2510 with 14 votes in favor to endorse the Berlin outcome on supporting ceasefire in Libya, at UN Headquarters, New York, February 12, 2020. /CCTV Photo

It called for continued negotiations by the joint military commission set up in January between the two sides, with the goal of achieving a “permanent ceasefire.” This would include a monitoring system, a separation of forces and confidence-building measures.

Libya, Africa’s most oil-rich nation, has been mired in chaos since the 2011 NATO-backed uprising that toppled and killed Muammar Gaddafi.

Since April 2019, the UN-recognized Government of National Accord has fought against military commander Khalifa Haftar, who is supported by Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

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