Cancer ‘won’t wait’ til after COVID-19 pandemic

Based on the results of a survey of 155 countries in May by the World Health Organization, many who have non-communicable diseases like cancer “have not been receiving the health services and medicines they need since the COVID-19 pandemic began.”

Among the most common reasons cited was a “decrease in public transportation available.”

This hurdle became apparent early in the pandemic, prompting some civil society organizations to innovate and initiate free carpool service programs for cancer patients to safely transport them to treatment facilities.

Apart from this, doctors, patients and other cancer advocates have underscored the need to implement the National Integrated Cancer Control Act which, they say, would have provided patients with better access to cancer care services during the pandemic.

If it remains unimplemented by 2021, it will be two years of stagnancy for the law signed by President Duterte in February 2019.

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