UK vaccine roll-out could take until 2022 to complete

The UK became the first nation in the world to begin vaccinating people against COVID-19 last month but their program could take until 2022 to complete.

Public health experts said 60 to 90 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated in order for it to be effective and enable the easing of restrictions.

Edinburgh University’s Professor of Public Health, Linda Bauld, says the sheer number who need to be vaccinated to make it effective means there won’t be an overnight solution.

She said, “In the UK, the joint committee on vaccination and immunization has a list of priority groups. It’s going to take us probably until late spring to vaccinate everybody over 50, and that’s optimistic. Then later into the year and into the following year for the rest of the population.”

Despite her optimism that some sense of normality could return by spring, Bauld says the vaccine must also be rolled out effectively for international travel to resume without restrictions.

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