UAE rolls out free Chinese COVID-19 vaccine to public

The United Arab Emirates has started offering free COVID-19 inoculations with a Chinese vaccine to all citizens and residents.

The move came after the vaccine, developed by China’s Sinopharm, was officially approved and registered in the Gulf state earlier this month. It was found to have 86 percent efficacy against the novel coronavirus.

That registration “leads the way to comprehensively protecting the population and responsibly opening the economy,” UAE media reported.

The free vaccination is available at public and private clinics, as well as hospitals in the UAE. While vaccines are distributed by age and vulnerability in other countries, the UAE “has expanded access to all adults across the population of one million nationals and more than eight million foreign residents.”

Though Dubai has only one public location for vaccinations, Abu Dhabi and other emirates have “multiple state-run health centers and private-sector hospitals and clinics offering the jab.”

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