The Mandalorian: How director’s daughter shaped the show

The director of the Disney+ show ‘The Mandalorian’ says her daughter was a big influence on the making of the Star Wars spin-off.

Bryce Dallas Howard described how Beatrice, then five years old, became anxious during early screenings about the whereabouts of Baby Yoda.

It led to crucial changes to the show, which made it clear where the character was and who was looking after him.

The final episode of ‘The Mandalorian’s’ second season was released before Christmas.

The actor-turned-director said it was the show’s creator Jon Favreau who picked up on Beatrice’s concern for the character.

Howard said, “Jon noticed early on in the process that whenever Baby [Yoda] wasn’t on screen, Beatrice would start asking me: ‘Where’s baby? Where did baby go?'”

Favreau noticed that this lack of knowledge of Baby Yoda’s whereabouts was leading to Beatrice feeling “stressed,” with Bryce adding: “Jon, I think we need to know where baby is the whole time.”

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