Surviving a hotel quarantine … with kids

Imagine spending two weeks in strict quarantine, not allowed to go anywhere beyond a small hotel room even to eat or exercise. Now, imagine doing all of that — with children.

Australian Janet Manley lives in the US. After she was let go from her job during the pandemic, she and her husband decided to take their two kids to Australia and spend time with family.

Taking two energetic children — Scout is five and Japhy is three — on a long international flight can be difficult enough, but two adults and two kids cooped up in a hotel suite for 14 days proved to be a different kind of challenge.

Manley tried to get as creative as possible to keep the kids entertained. Her best advice is to pick up a huge roll of paper, which the kids used to draw pictures and trace themselves on the ground.

The family also watched kid-friendly yoga videos and made an advent-style calendar to count down the number of days to seeing Grandma and Grandpa.

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