Lorna Jane: Activewear brand in court for ‘anti-virus’ claims

Activewear brand Lorna Jane is being taken to court over claims its clothes could stop the spread of Covid-19.

In July, the company claimed its clothes had been sprayed with an “anti-virus” substance called LJ Shield.

Adverts on its website and in stores used the tag “Cure for the Spread of COVID-19? Lorna Jane Thinks So.”

Last week, Australia’s consumer watchdog launched federal court action against the firm for allegedly making false and misleading claims.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it was “particularly concerning” the claims were made at a time when there were fears of a second wave in Australia.

The court said, “We allege the statements made by Lorna Jane gave the impression that the Covid-19 claims were based on scientific or technological evidence when this was not the case.”

In July, Lorna Jane was fined 40,000 dollars by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for failing to seek its approval prior to making certain claims.

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