After Human Rights Day arrests, HRW says there is ‘damning history’ of cops planting evidence

In its March 2017 report on the Duterte administration’s war against illegal drugs, HRW said “police routinely planted guns, spent ammunition, and drug packets next to the victims’ bodies,” to justify their claims of self-defense in official reports.

These claims from the police, the New York-based rights monitor said, run “contrary to eyewitness accounts that portray the killings as cold-blooded murders of unarmed drug suspects in custody.”

A more recent June 2020 report from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights found that “police repeatedly recovered guns bearing the same serial numbers from different victims in different locations,” which suggests “planting of evidence by police officers and casts doubt on the self-defense narrative, implying that the victims were likely unarmed at the time of killing.”

The national police’s own figures acknowledge around 8,000 “drug personalities” slain in official operations.

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