The challenges of global travel

Julie Earle-Levine, an Australian who lives in New York City, found herself in a difficult situation earlier this year when her father passed away. In a normal year, she would have made a last-minute flight booking and gotten to the continent down under as quickly as possible.

But these days, Australia’s strict entry rules meant that Earle-Levine’s family delayed his service so that she and her 13-year-old son Jack could make it to Australia, go through a mandatory COVID-19 quarantine in a hotel, and then join the rest of the family in the state of Queensland.

She isn’t alone. The coronavirus pandemic has halted global travel and caused many countries to close their borders to non-citizens.

The people who really need to travel have to go through an obstacle course of Covid tests, entry caps, canceled and rescheduled flights and mandatory quarantines. When you add more people to the equation, the challenges become harder for travel today.

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