Iloilo City mayor apologizes for series of gatherings that violate health protocols

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas has publicly apologized for last week’s series of gatherings attended by politicians and aid beneficiaries widely seen by many to have violated COVID-19 health protocols.

The mayor said, “I am issuing this public apology for the gatherings that happened at the Freedom Grandstand the past few days. I know no amount of reasoning can justify the events, and for that, I am deeply sorry. I only have the people’s best interests at heart.”

He added, “Rest assured gatherings of that kind will not happen again.”

Treñas and other city officials at the events have drawn flak for not observing or ensuring physical distancing, especially in a photo wherein the officials and other guests posed for photographers.

He earlier said the observance of physical distancing was “forgotten” when the photo was taken.

The mayor and other officials were at the grandstand for distributing financial assistance to indigent beneficiaries.

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