Denmark agrees mink breeding ban until 2022 amid COVID-19 strain fears

Denmark is temporarily banning mink breeding until 2022 and at the same time retroactively creating the legal basis for its order to cull all mink in the country back in November.

After a mutated strain of COVID-19 was found among the animals in Denmark earlier this year, the government ordered all mink to be culled, despite lacking part of the legal basis to do so.

The decision to ban all breeding until 2022 has however left the country’s mink farmers fearing for the future.

A farmer who initially defied the government’s calls for a nationwide cull, now faces no other option than to put down his remaining 5,000 virus-free mink by January 15.

He shared, “I will comply with the law, as I’ve always done,” adding he would probably pick up mink farming again when the ban ends.

The Nordic country is the world’s biggest producer of mink fur. Many officials fear the mutated variant could cause long term issues with the effectiveness of future vaccines.

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