Scientists use TikTok to educate about COVID-19 vaccine

Coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out in some countries, but there is a lot of uncertainty, not only due to disinformation on the internet but also due to many feeling they know little about what could potentially be injected into their bodies.

One group of scientists, known as Team Halo, is hoping to ease people’s fears and provide them with clear scientific information about the coronavirus vaccine. The group of medical experts, from across the world, have taken to social media, mainly TikTok, to share simple and basic information in a factual yet fun way.

An infectious diseases consultant at the Bichat Hospital in Paris and Team Halo volunteer said, “I work with Team Halo in France to encourage people to gain knowledge about the vaccines and to explain how vaccines work, to maybe fight against vaccine hesitancy.”

Team Halo is supported by the United Nations, which gathers experts with the hopes of easing vaccine fears and uncertainty.

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