U.S. medical workers frustrated over hospitals’ vaccine rollout system

Amid a surge of infections, the frontline healthcare workers in the U.S. saw their hopes dashed by the administrative failures that denied their access to the potentially lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines, despite many of them are volunteering to work in intensive care units or look after the critically ill.

More than 100 Stanford doctors protested on Friday over the biased vaccine distribution system, which, according to them, lagged the COVID-19 vaccination for respiratory therapists, environmental services workers, nursing staff, residents, and fellows who interact with patients.

Frontline health workers were unable to lay claim to initial doses of the vaccine, even as they learned that employees doing telehealth from home had nabbed slots.

Residents, doctors in training, were especially frustrated because they were asked to volunteer for the coronavirus ICU after finishing their training, but Stanford’s algorithm was not prioritizing them for vaccination.

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