Gatherings of over 10 people not allowed

Any gathering of more than 10 people will be prohibited the entire holiday season, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said.

But Philippine National Police chief General Debold Sinas stressed that people need not worry about police breaking up any solemn celebration of Christmas in their homes.

Año said that any event with more than 10 people will be considered a mass gathering and will be disrupted by authorities.

He said, “In a restaurant or house, no problem. It’s really the number. If you are more than 10, that’s a mass gathering and you’ll be disrupted.”

The head of the Department of the Interior and Local Government added that authorities will warn violators and arrest those who resist.

He advised the public to instead hold virtual parties instead of physical get-togethers.

The country has seen an increase in coronavirus transmission these past two weeks, which authorities mainly attribute to more people going out to prepare for the holidays.

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