Backlash over Japan cosmetics boss ‘racist’ comments

Major Japanese cosmetics firm DHC is facing calls for a boycott after its CEO used a derogatory term for Koreans.

Yoshiaki Yoshida made the comments in a message on the company’s website.

In it, he disparaged rival firm, the beverage-making giant Suntory, as ‘Chontory’ for its use of Japanese-Korean models.

“Chon” is a derogatory term for Koreans in Japan.

Although Suntory primarily makes drinks, it competes with DHC in the health supplement sector.

Yoshida wrote, “For some reason, the models hired for Suntory’s commercials are almost all Korean-Japanese. So that’s why it seems they’re mocked on the Internet as ‘Chontory.”

He also wrote that DHC’s employees by comparison were all “pure Japanese.”

DHC describes itself as “one the largest global Japanese-born beauty brands.”

The company has since faced an online backlash with some Japanese Twitter users, who have created the hashtag “I no longer buy products from discriminatory DHC.”

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