Killing of lawyers rising in ‘alarming rate’ with another in Cebu shot dead

A lawyer in Cebu was shot dead on Thursday afternoon by unidentified gunmen, joining the list of now over 50 individuals in the legal profession killed in recent years.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Cebu said Baby Maria Concepcion Landero-Ole was gunned down in Looc, Danao City on broad daylight, flagging the rising number of lawyers being killed as “something that we cannot take just with a grain of salt.”

IBP-Cebu said, “We condemn the atrocities being cast against fellow lawyers and we must not allow this system of violence to persist in our midst. We have been nothing but cooperative with all investigations done by authorities.”

The incident follows the string of killings of lawyers Joey Luis Wee also in Cebu on November 23 and of Eric Jay Magcamit in Palawan on November 17.

The IBP has since renewed calls for reforms to put an end to the murder of lawyers, prosecutors and judges since the Duterte administration began in 2016.

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