FDA warns public vs. getting unregistered COVID-19 ‘vaccines’

Food and Drug Administration chief Eric Domingo on Thursday warned the public against getting shots of unregistered vaccines against COVID-19 amid reports of certain personalities getting immunization.

A businessman interviewed on the radio claimed that he had already received a COVID-19 vaccine along with tycoons and politicians.

Only identified as “Roberto,” the businessman said he and his friends were vaccinated well before the United Kingdom launched the world’s first massive vaccination program against COVID-19.Roberto did not mention the brand of vaccine that he allegedly received but said it was made in China.

Domingo said it was unlikely that Roberto was truly injected with a COVID-19 vaccine, adding that there was no assurance of the supposed vaccine’s efficacy since it did not go through the FDA.

The Manila City government has ordered a probe on rumors that COVID-19 vaccines were being administered in Binondo.

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