2020’s biggest beauty trends: DIY beauty

As barbershops, hair salons, nail salons and beauty parlors shuttered due to the pandemic, our grooming behaviors didn’t simply relax — they became more ingenious.

Taking a leaf out of our grandparents’ natural remedy books — or, more likely, YouTube beauty tutorials — we started experimenting with facial mask recipes, at-home waxes, DIY hair styles and braids.

One of the pandemic’s biggest online beauty trends, “Quarantine nails,” saw people posting their creative attempts at nail art, from rainbow manicures (also known as Skittles nails) to pastel gradients with shaped almond tips.

Lockdown also heralded the return of the buzzcut, with men, women and celebrities reaching for the clippers to shave their locks.

Needless to say, many of these efforts (and sometimes terrible outcomes) were documented on Twitter and Instagram. TikTok also became a popular destination for trending beauty products, parodies, tutorials and hacks.

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