Cocaine ‘ghost boat’ washes up in Marshall Islands

Police in the Marshall Islands have found their biggest drug haul in history, in an abandoned boat washed ashore on a small atoll.

It’s thought the vessel might have drifted across the Pacific Ocean from Latin America, spending possibly months out at sea.

Drugs often wash ashore on the remote Pacific archipelago with a population of 55,000 people, but last week’s discovery set a new record. The 649 kilos of cocaine have an estimated street value of 80 million dollars.

Police said the drugs were incinerated, apart from two packets, which have been sent to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration for testing.

The 18-foot boat was found by a local resident. Locals tried to move the vessel but were unable to do so as it was too heavy. Upon further investigation, they discovered the packets of drugs in a hidden compartment inside the boat.

The Marshall Islands consist of more than 1,000 islets, just north of the Equator in the Pacific.

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