PCW urges women to be wary of sugar daddy pages

The Philippine Commission on Women warned against online “sugar daddy” pages that offer financial assistance in exchange for companionship.

The commission said women were resorting to these pages after the coronavirus pandemic took away their livelihoods.

Honey Castro, PCW affairs and information resource management division chief, said, “(For 15,000 pesos, these pages are trying to attract women who need cash. They are like ads.)”

Castro warned that signing on these pages could lead to abuse, blackmail, or even prostitution.

Further, the PCW said it would coordinate with the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking on measures that could be taken against these platforms.

Online luxury dating website “Sugarbook” said there are over 83,000 “sugar babies” in the Philippines, majority of whom were in Metro Manila.

Several Filipinos had been duped by “sugar daddies” they met on a Facebook group bearing the popular website’s name.

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