UP science researchers demand payment of delayed salaries

Scientific research and development are a lagging sector in the country, but this apparent neglect has bled through to the detriment of professional researchers.

Tin Bantay, a researcher at the University of the Philippines Diliman, last received a salary for work she rendered in April. That payment was released in June, and she has been unpaid since then.

This is also the experience of her fellow researchers. She was told that her wages will be initially delayed for three months, but that eventually became the norm.

The yearly renewal of the project she is working on under the Marine Science Institute also meant that her salary will be delayed again as they have to refile all the paperwork to get back on the payroll. She shared, “Three months or so [was the usual delay. Now it’s eight months.]”

This has been the routine since January 2018 when she joined her team, forcing her to adjust her spending habits with unstable cash flow.

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