World’s largest cargo ship powered solely by wind is being built in Sweden

A Swedish company is developing a colossal cargo ship that will be able to cross the Atlantic powered by wind alone, reducing shipping emissions by 90 percent compared with a traditional vessel.

“Oceanbird,” designed by Sweden’s Wallenius Marine, will be 200 meters long and able to transport up to 7,000 cars across the ocean.

Its sleek, futuristic design includes five 80-meter-tall rigid “wings” made of steel and composite material, each capable of independently turning 360 degrees to catch the wind.

Thanks to its wings – the length of which can be reduced to a minimum of 20 meters to allow the ship to easily pass under bridges and reduce turbulence caused by strong winds – Oceanbird is thought to be the tallest sailing ship ever built.

Finding new solutions to reduce shipping emissions is one of the global goals to reduce carbon emissions and fight the climate crisis. Maritime transport emits around 940 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

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