Banksy confirms new sneezing woman mural as his latest work

Bansky has confirmed that he is behind a new artwork depicting an old woman violently sneezing as her dentures fly into the air.

The mural, which the artist dubbed “Aachoo!!,” appeared on the side of a house in the British city of Bristol.

Banksy took credit for the work via his website and Instagram account. One photograph has been made to appear as if the woman’s sneeze has blown over a trash can and turned a passerby’s umbrella inside out.

In July, the artist posted an Instagram video showing him spray-painting an image of a rat onto a London Underground train, as he urged people to wear face masks. It was later removed by transport authorities for violating their “strict anti-graffiti policy.”

Banksy’s “Aachoo!!” post has already been liked over 2 million times on Instagram.

He has never publicly revealed his identity, but in October 2019, the artist’s former agent and photographer self-published a book giving the public a rare glimpse of the artist at work.

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