Pandemic-hit Oscars in hands of Contagion director Steven Soderbergh

Next year’s pandemic-hit Oscars will be produced by Contagion director Steven Soderbergh, the Academy announced, as Hollywood’s biggest night finally begins to take shape.

The ceremony set to take place April 25 has already been postponed due to coronavirus and seen its film eligibility rules relaxed due to the lack of open theatres, while its format still remains unclear.

Soderbergh’s work on the 2011 virus drama Contagion, praised at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic for its eery foresight, featured social distancing, makeshift hospitals and quack cures long before Covid-19 made these commonplace.

He was even tapped to lead a taskforce on re-opening the movie industry by Hollywood’s directors union earlier this year.

The Academy – seen as the apex body of the Hollywood film industry – also eased eligibility rules to allow movies that skip the big screen and appear on streaming platforms to contend for Oscars.

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