Former teacher gives free online classes to children

A former teacher has been giving free online classes to out-of-school youth.Banjo Villacruz streams lessons on his social media page for free every week.

Even if he had only 5 to 10 viewers, Banjo would go in front of the camera with his cartolina and white board to teach different topics.

Banjo, who is now a government employee, shared that in the past, he didn’t love teaching. However, things changed when the novel coronavirus disease pandemic hit.

He admitted he didn’t actually have a passion for teaching at the beginning of the community quarantine.

However, he decided to conduct online classes after seeing some children when he was playing at a computer shop. When he asked them why they weren’t studying, the children answered they didn’t have any money to enroll in school.

Banjo said, “I didn’t realize that I was becoming happy with the teaching I was conducting. It rekindled in me the urge to teach.”

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