Vico Sotto: Over 4,000 Pasig employees to get salary increase in New Year

More than 4,000 casual employees of Pasig City will have their salaries increased from over 11,000 pesos to 13,000 pesos next month, Mayor Vico Sotto said.

On Facebook, Sotto said 4,339 casual employees who earn 11,551 pesos a month will be paid 13,572 a month starting January 2021.

The mayor noted, “(The process of raising the grade of service of the local government is long and bloody). Giving our workers dignity and security is an important part of this.”

Sotto shared one of the long-term goals of the local government was to promote all Salary Grade 1 utility workers to Salary Grade 3.

The local government is also seeking to make regular all employees. The mayor said 617 employees who have worked for 15 years and above would be the next batch to be regularized.

Sotto said other long-term goals include capacity development as well as the implementation of a fully merit-based system, adding, “One step at a time…We can do this.”

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