Why the video game boom is here to stay

In a year when industries that require the physical presence of their customers are on the ropes — from airlines and theme parks to brick-and-mortar retailers — those that don’t require in-person participation are thriving.

Exhibit A: Online gaming, which has been among the big winners of 2020.

Exhibit B: The hardware. The Nintendo Switch was largely sold out at major retailers for months during the summer and holiday season. In November, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sold out almost immediately.

But can that trajectory continue into 2021 given the ongoing recession and steep unemployment?

Carolina Milanesi, a tech analyst at research firm Creative Strategies said, “Overall, 2020 added to the need to escape reality, release tensions and frustrations, uplift the spirit at a time where we were forced to do most of that at home.”

Even the nascent esports industry benefited from the hours streamed as traditional sports were paused.

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