Paris authorities given $110,000 fine after appointing ‘too many women’

City authorities in Paris are set to face a 110,000 dollar fine after employing too many women in senior positions.

France’s public services ministry is imposing the fine for Paris city hall appointments in 2018.There is a rule dating back to 2013 that one gender should not account for more than 60 percent of people appointed to management positions.

But in 2018, 11 women and five men were appointed – so 69 percent were women.

Paris’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who was re-elected for a second term last year, told a council meeting: “I am happy to announce that we have been fined.”

She said she would take the cheque to pay the “obviously absurd, unfair, irresponsible and dangerous” fine in person, adding: “To one day achieve [gender] parity, we must speed up the tempo and ensure that more women are appointed than men. Yes, we must promote women with determination and vigor, because the delay everywhere in France is still very great.”

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