Traveling during Thanksgiving in Texas

While many European airports are currently deserted, in the U.S., the late November Thanksgiving weekend saw some of the highest air transit figures since the pandemic began.

Teresa McClatchie has worked as a contractor for United Airlines at George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas for four years.

Pre-pandemic she was a ticketing agent — responsible for greeting the passengers, weighing their bags and checking their boarding passes. When Covid-19 hit, United downsized ground crew in Houston, and she was moved to work as an escalator attendant.

From April to August, there were very few passengers, but the arrival of fall and the holiday season has seen scores of travelers return.

Of the Thanksgiving week, she shared, “It was just wall-to-wall passengers as if there was no pandemic, nothing going on.”

She said passengers didn’t always have their faces covered, and airport workers were told not to tell passengers to put their masks on.

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