Italy to build 1,500 pop-up vaccine pavilions

Hundreds of timber vaccination pavilions, adorned with a flower graphic symbolizing regeneration, are set to be installed around Italy from January as the country starts immunizing its population with a Covid-19 vaccine.

The designs for the stations were unveiled by architect Stefano Boeri, who — together with a team of consultants — developed the logo and visual aspects of the country’s vaccine rollout.

A total of 1,500 temporary, circular pavilions will be set up in Italy’s squares and town centers, Boeri’s studio confirmed. They will feature a wooden interior and a textile shell, bearing a symbol of a primrose on the exterior.

Boeri said the architecture has been designed to “convey a symbol of serenity and regeneration.”

He added, “Getting vaccinated will be an act of civic responsibility, love for others and the rediscovery of life. If this virus has locked us up in hospitals and homes, the vaccine will bring us back into contact with life and the nature that surrounds us.”

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