More cops test positive for drug use

The number of police officers who tested positive for illegal drug use increased by 43 percent this year.

Fifty police officers were found to have used illegal drugs this year compared to 35 in 2019, Philippine National Police-Internal Affairs Service records show.

A total of 461 police officers and 10 non-uniformed personnel were found hooked on illegal drugs since July 2016. The PNP has resolved 459 of the cases.

Internal Affairs Service inspector general Alfegar Triambulo expressed concern over the increase in the number of drug users in the police force this year.

Meanwhile, PNP chief General Debold Sinas has intensified random drug testing to weed out drug users among their ranks. Police officers caught using illegal drugs face dismissal from the service.

Sinas said they are also studying whether to return the authority to resolve these cases to police chiefs and regional directors to fast track investigations and punishment of the guilty parties.

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