Half of Singapore’s migrant workers in dormitories have had COVID-19

Nearly half of Singapore’s migrant workers residing in cramped dormitories have had COVID-19, the government said.

Singapore has reported over 58,000 coronavirus disease cases since the pandemic started, with the majority occurring in dormitories housing mainly South Asian low-wage workers.

But the government said that while some 54,500 workers tested positive for the virus using PCR tests, which diagnose current or new infections, an additional 98,000 tested positive using serology tests that indicate past infection.

The manpower ministry said the prevalence rate of COVID-19 in the dormitories is currently 47 percent, including the serology test results.

Outside the dormitories, the virus’s prevalence rate in Singapore was about 0.25 percent based on a serology sampling study of 1,600 people, according to a health ministry official.

The Asian city state has the world’s lowest fatality rate from the virus with just 29 deaths to date.

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